Sextus Maelius Cunctator

Legionary of Legio X Gemina; Oathsworn of Mithras

Race Class and Level Alignment Background Player
Human Paladin 2 Neutral Good Soldier Allan
Age Height Weight Eye Color Skin Tone Hair Color
21 5’1" 120 lbs Black Olive Black
Proficiency Bonus Hit Dice Hit Points Armor Class Initiative Speed
+2 2d10 22 18 +2 30
Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
14 (+2) 14 (+2) 16 (+3) 5 (-3) 12 (+1) 15 (++2)
Saving Throws
Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
+2 +2 +3 -3 -3 +4
Acrobatics (DEX) Animal Handling (WIS) Arcana (INT)
+2 +1 -3
Athletics (STR) Deception (CHA) History (INT)
+4 +2 -3
Insight (WIS) Intimidation (CHA) Investigation (INT)
+3 +4 -3
Medicine (WIS) Nature (INT) Perception (WIS)
+3 -3 +1
Performance (CHA) Persuasion (CHA) Religion (INT)
+2 +2 -3
Sleight of Hand (DEX) Stealth (DEX) Survival (WIS)
+2 +2 +1
Other Proficiencies & Languages
All armor, shields, simple weapons, martial weapons, Greek, Latin
Features & Traits
Divine Sense, Lay on Hands, Defense, Divine Smite
Prepared Spells
1st Level (2 slots): Bless, Cure Wounds, Purify Food and Drink
Explorer’s pack, chainmail (lorica hamata), long sword (spatha), shield (scutum), dagger (pugio), javelins (pilum) x5, purse of 10 denarii

As a child growing up, Sextus was constantly bullied by three older brothers who picked on him for being a lackwit and the runt of the litter. Rather than be diminished by his tormentors, he nurtured lofty dreams of heroic glory and joined the Legion as soon as he could pass muster. His time in the Roman military shaped his physique and his ideals, instilling a courage in him that was far out of proportion to his size. He developed immense pride for the Republic, out of which grew a desire to serve the greater good.

Sextus had few friends in his unit at the beginning, but his easygoing manner and casual attitude toward violence quickly endeared him to his fellow legionaries. After proving himself a number of times in battle, Sextus eventually earned a place among the men of his unit—respect long overdue that he never once received from his parents or siblings. In due course, he was initiated into the mysteries of the cult of Mithras, a new religion that was quickly gaining popularity among the legion rank and file. Now, he considers the army his true family and would lay his life down for any one of his brothers-in-arms.

Sextus is called Cunctator (“the delayer”) by his comrades, referring to the many times he has prevented someone’s death by mending near fatal wounds or through his timely martial intervention. His life-saving exploits have earned him a great deal of goodwill within Legio X Gemina such that he can ask for small favors or requisition simple equipment should the need arise.

Based on the molding of his life experiences, Sextus believes that nobility resides in the hand that protects, and only such true warriors are deserving of respect. A shared history of blood shed on the field of battle in pursuit of justice and moral principle is therefore conditional for anyone to earn the full measure of his trust.

Sextus Maelius Cunctator

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